Pokemon MMORPG

For years there has been an ongoing discussion about when and why the official Pokemon MMORPG should be release. In fact the demand and urge for a Pokemon MMORPG has been so great that people has taken matters into their own hands. Today there is several ports and remakes of the classic Pokemon games that turns them into fully fledged Pokemon MMORPGs with PVP battles, leagues and tournaments. We have listed the most popular Free to Play Pokemon MMORPGs.

  • Pokemon World Online - Free to Play Pokemon MMORPG

    Pokemon World Online

    Pokemon World Online is a Free to Play Open-Source 2D Pokemon MMORPG. The game is currently in public beta and is created and maintained by a thriving community which brings
  • PokeMMO - Free Pokemon MMORPG


    PokeMMO is a Free to Play 2D Pokemon MMORPG ported from the classic Pokemon series. The game is in no way affiliated with Nintendo. The game simply spawned from the
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